Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a listing of frequently asked questions for our clients and customers.

For Users looking to find adult service providers

For Adult service providers looking to promote themselves

What is

Just For Adults (JFA) is Australia’s most comprehensive adult services directory. The site enables users of the site to find, research and make informed choices about contacting adult service providers, to ensure they have the best possible experience.


How Do I Use The Site?

JFA allows you to search for adult service providers by location and type of service. The process is very simple:

1. Select the criteria you want from the 1,2,3 search box, then press search. Alternatively click on a link on the home page to a service, girl, location or establishment.

2. A list of girls will be displayed matching your criteria. Click on any of these that you are interested in and a full text listing will appear.

3. Full text listings will vary in length depending on how much information the girl wishes to give. However, most will include photos, a list of services, location and customer reviews.

4. Once you have decided that you want to contact the girl, simply phone or email her using the contact details provide on the site and arrange the booking.

5. Remember to always quote that you found the girl or establishment on when you contact the girl or establishment.


I have never used an adult service before. What do I do?

See our first timer’s guide for the do’s and don’ts when using adult services.


What happens if there no listings that match my search?

Although JFA is Australia’s most comprehensive adult services directory, sometimes a search combination of search criteria will draw no results. This maybe because: 1. No girl/establishment listed matches these exact criteria.

2. Due to varying regional promotional laws, girls/establishments are unable to promote themselves openly.

If this happens, try expanding your search criteria. To find that special service you may need to travel that bit further!

If you know of an establishment that is not currently listed. Please contact us and let us know the details.


What are reviews?

Reviews are feedback from other people that have visited the adult service provider or establishment you are thinking about using. These reviews aren’t provided by the girls.


How do I add a review?

1. simply find the listing of the girl you visited on 2. Click submit review link on the girls listing page (top left) 3. Fill out the form – Describe the venue, girl and your experience with the girl and use the rating system to provide a rating and overall rating of your experience. 4. Click submit to submit your review to the JustForAdults team. Please note that publishing of reviews is at the discretion of JustforAdults and is subject to its publishing Terms and conditions.


What makes a good review?

Honesty! Let other people know exactly how you rated your experience. Comment upon and rate the venue, girl and overall experience. Remember reviews are completely anonymous. The more reviews a girl has the higher up the list of girls she will appear so the girls you visited will be grateful for your review!


What is the star rating system?

People who have visited a girl can write a review. Part of this review asks the person to give a rating (out of 10) on the venue, girl and experience along with an overall rating. This is expressed on the site as a star rating. At a glance this allows users of the site to make a more informed choice before they contact the girl. Put simply, the more stars – the happier the clients – the greater the chance the service is going to live up to your expectations!


What happens if a service I want is not listed?

With over 1000 girls/establishments listed JFA should cover most services. If there is one that has been missed or called something different, let us know. Contact us.


What is ?

JFA is Australia’s most comprehensive adult services directory that is designed to offer cost effective lead generation for adult service providers. We believe for too long adult service providers and establishments have been paying over inflated newspaper advertising costs.

JFA will be the most visible adult directory on major search engines like Google. Through this search engine optimisation JFA will drive more leads at less cost; enabling Adult service providers to have a viable advertising option outside of the current newspaper monopolies.


Who can list/advertise?

All adult service providers: Independent operators, establishments, individual girls that work within establishments. If you provide adult services you can use to generate business.


How do I advertise?

There are 2 types of Advertising Options: Free and gold listings.

Free listings offer you an opportunity to promote yourself or establishment on the site. You have a limited amount of text to describe yourself and the services you provide. To find out how to add yourself for free visit the Advertise with us page and follow the instructions.

Gold listings generate significantly more enquiries and business. Gold listings appear above free listings, which makes you easier to find. You’re also able to submit up to 6 images and you have unlimited text to describe yourself and the services you provide. See the Advertise with us page to find out more about gold listings.


How can I get my listing above the other girl’s listings?

Getting your listing at or near the top of list means that more people will find you and you’re more likely to generate business. Here’s how to do it:

Photo’s - Add a photo – listings with photos appear above those that don’t have them.

Reviews - Encourage customers to write a review of their experience with you– the more reviews you have the further up the list you’ll appear.

Links: Link to your listing from other sites – if you have your own site then add a link to your listing on The more links you have from different sites the further up the list you’ll appear.

Advertise: Gold listings – Gold listings always appear above free listings.

So buy a gold listing, add photo’s, reviews and links and you’ll get seen by every visitor looking for the services you offer. That’s got to be good for business.


How do I change my listing/contact details?

Simply contact us and provide your name and email address.


What happens if I work at a club/brothel?

You are able to promote yourself individually and link your listing to the establishment you work at. There are cost effective options for brothels to promote all or some of its girls. To find out more go to Advertise with us.


What is the payment process?

JFA uses a secure payment gateway. Please go to Advertise with us to find out more.


Is there a limit to the number of categories a business/girl can be listed in?

As a free listing, yes. However, for a small advertising fee you can ensure the full range of your services can be promoted on the site. Please go to Advertise with us to find out more.


What are reviews? And why are they important?

Reviews are generated by clients after using an adult service provider – basically it’s an account of how they enjoyed their experience. They help adult service providers to generate more business in three ways:

1. The Review acts as a testimonial and lets other know how good you are.

2. The star rating system allows users (at a glance) to understand how others have rated their experience with you.

3. Reviews help move your listing above other adult service providers, this makes you easier to find and will result in you getting more leads and more business – for information see How can I get my listing above the other girls listings?


Can my listing be removed?

If you wish your listing to be removed please contact us. JFA reserves the right to remove any listing at any time.


How can I offer feedback?

Simply contact us. We would love to hear your thoughts.