Your First Time with an Escort

Your First Time with an Escort

The sex industry might appear glamorous at first and many might think it is easy to purchase the services of a sex worker. But when the time actually comes, most will feel quite anxious before their first time with an escort. Many might want to engage the services of an escort, but might feel too nervous to actually meet the escort. In the following article we are going to outline what you can expect when you first meet an escort, presuming that you have already made an appointment.

As an important note before we outline this small guide is that every escort has their own way of offering their services. This is a general guideline in which most sex workers usually offer their services and the overall experience will be subjected to a level of flexibility depending on the escort you are seeing and the services that you employ.

We will assume that you have already made an appointment with the escort and that the meeting will take place at your place, the escort’s place or a hotel room, depending on the preferences and the legislation of the state (for example, in VIC it is prohibited for escorts to offer their services in their establishments).

You are waiting anxiously for the escort to arrive. First thing is to try to calm down and think of this as being a short date and at the end of it you know you will score.

Before the escort arrives

Whether you are waiting in the hotel room or at your place make sure that the place is clean, especially the bathroom. We guarantee that both you and the escort will spend a bit of time before and after your small get together. Clean towels and cleaning products should be left at handy places.

Bonus: Just as with any date, is it is recommended to have a good overall level of body hygiene and to be well dressed. First impression always counts and will speed things up.

When the escort arrives

As with any guest, be friendly and relaxed. A tour of the house is highly appreciated to make your guest feel safer and more relaxed. A glass of water and a small treat will be greatly appreciated, as with any visitor.

Give the escort the fee as soon as can, preferably in an envelope. The sooner you get through this the better, so that both you and your partner can concentrate on the fun activities that you are going to have together.

If the escort will want to make a call to a friend and/or driver to let them know she is alright do not feel affronted. This is a quite common way of ensuring their safety.

Bonus: Don’t try to be overly sexy, overly touchy and kissy, especially before the fee has been paid. This will make your partner feel uncomfortable and they might even cancel the appointment.

At the beginning of your rendezvous

This bit varies from one escort to another, but in the general lines this is like a foreplay to make both partners feel more at ease with one another. Many escorts will enjoy a good wine, a small sweet nibble and some chatting and caressing on the couch before they get things actually started. Don’t be afraid to admit that you feel nervous and it is highly encouraged to ask if you want to get to the next step. The escort will be the one to set the pace, but if you want to get things moving or want something in particular it is highly recommended that you ask your partner.

The fiery stuff

When it comes to the actual services that you want, your experience and what you are comfortable with. The general service starts with light foreplay, oral sex offered to you and intercourse. You should not try to impress the escort with your “skills” or accept anything that you are not comfortable with in order to appear less “manly”. If you just want a long tease and oral that is perfectly fine.

Safety is the basic rule of the game! Your escort will supply you with condom and lubricants, but you need to use them correctly. A small note, it is considered rude to ask for unprotected oral and in VIC it is considered to be illegal.

Start easily and enjoy this as this is all about you. We know that you are feeling nervous, but it is your responsibility to relax. Your escort might be the best in the area, but he/she cannot do wonders if you are too tense to enjoy the moment.  Relax and try to enjoy the moment as much as you can.

Bonus: Be respectful to your escort and respect his/her wishes. It is polite to ask before going the next step, to ensure that you are both comfortable with it. You will both enjoy it more if you feel relaxed around one another and know you can trust one another.

Wrapping things up

Your appointment will most likely finish with a bit of chit chat and caressing and around 10 to 15 minutes left for your partner to take a shower. The escort is the one who will watch the time, but you can feel free to ask how much time is left if you think you might be running late.

Bonus: When the escort leaves we recommend that you ensure him/her that you had a good time. You do not need to promise a future booking and to give an additional tip if you do not feel so.