Escort Best Practice Guide (2)

                    Part 2– The actual meeting

If you want to have a remarkable experience while in the companion of a private escort or an agency escort, a few small steps will turn you into a true gentleman who respects his partner while knowing exactly what he/she wants to truly enjoy a spicy night between the sheets.

     Step 5 Payment should be given at the beginning of the meeting

Before the “spicy” part of the evening, if you want to show your partner respect you should first offer payment for the services. But be careful, as this is a sensitive issue. You should not refer to it as “payment” and it is not indicated to use the terms money or payment. The most used term for it is gift (many escorts even use “suggested gift” on their personal sites instead of rates). The money should not be handed directly to the escort, but placed, preferably in an envelope, in place near him/her or in the location that has been discussed beforehand (many escorts prefer the sink ledge in the bathroom).

      Step 6 Cleanliness is the first foreplay

It does not matter if you came from work or from home or any other location, it does not matter. Before anything begins you should take a quick shower at the location. This shows respect and will be more enjoyable for both of you (You would not like to be known as the ‘sour cheese one’).

     Step 7 Be nice and respectful the entire time

During the entire meeting you should be nice and respectful to your escorting companion, after all this is a person. Do not feel intimidated by his/her presence and their knowledge and skills in the field, after all this is a service, so relax. You should also be attentive of your behavior, so that you don’t start being superior from the social or educational point of view (this is a prejudice that many still have).

     Step 8 This is all about you

Remember that you are purchasing a service for you. You should not hold back and try to impress your escort with your “experience”. Relax, enjoy the entire experience and completely indulge yourself in the passionate services that you have beforehand negotiated. If you finish before your partner and you feel the need to help your escort finish as well you can enjoy that, but you should not feel pressured to do it. On the other hand, if you do not relax and focus on your needs you might not be able to finish within the negotiated timeslot, making the entire appointment redundant for you!

     Step 9 Be attentive on your partner’s cues

Your escort is an actual person, with personal likes and dislikes. Beside the outlined services, you should be attentive at your partner's gestures regarding certain actions. Not everyone likes to be held tightly or cuddle after you finish or talked dirty to during intercourse (be careful if you have the tendency to talk dirty not to use offensive terms).

     Step 10 Always leave a tip

Always leave a tip, the amount does not matter, it can be 20% of the rate or even 100% of the discussed rate, it is irrelevant (unless the escort was really bad). Tipping is way of showing your escort that you have truly enjoyed his/her services. Tipping is especially recommended if you have really enjoyed the services of an escort and you want to engage his/her services again. Additionally, if you engaged in a twofer you should leave a generous tip.

     Step 11 Ask beforehand if your escort wants to be reviewed

If you intend to review your escort, ask him/her beforehand. If your companion accepts then keep in mind the following: keep the review simple, punctual and truthful. Do not fabricate additional services to make yourself look better, as future clients might request these services in the future (this especially is bad if the escort does not offer them).

     Step 12 Do not feel obligated to stay after

You are a customer who has purchased a service. You should not feel obligated to stay after you have consumed your service. If you have an appointment shortly after or you simply are not the stay and talk and cuddle kind of person, you can leave without feeling that you will let down your escort. Many actually enjoy a couple of minutes to himself/herself. On the other hand, if you feel that you have connected with your escort or simply want to continue enjoying your escape from real life, stay for the entire scheduled session. Your escort will be happy regardless of your choice.

      Bonus Step  Bring a small gift or a bottle of wine

If you bring a small gift for your escort you will show him/her that you appreciate him/her as a person. Safe gifts are store gift cards such as Amazon or The Body Shop. If you know your escort (have prior engaged their services) then you can bring a more personal gift such as lingerie, jewelry or something that he/she is passionate about. A bottle of wine is an additional perk that will help you ease the tension (it is recommended to ask beforehand of their preferences and do not forget to bring glasses as well).

     Super Bonus Step Start with a small date

If you can afford it, before you start with the actual appointment add a Dinner Date bonus (additional appointed service) and treat your companion to a nice drink at a cafe or even a nice meal at a restaurant. But always keep in mind that the entire meeting is on the clock that you should not extend your timeslot unless your escort agrees to this.