Escort Best Practice Guide

             Part 1 Preparations for the meeting

If you want to have a remarkable experience while in the companion of a private escort or an agency escort, a few small steps will turn you into a true gentleman who respects his partner while knowing exactly what he/she wants to truly enjoy a spicy night between the sheets.

        Step 1 Start with a bit of research

Before you contact an escort it is highly recommended that you do a bit of research about him/her. In case the sex worker is a private escort, then you should check out if he/she has a website and the information that it provides. Do some searches to see if the name, phone number, email, address (if provided) and images are the same on other adult listings sites and if the person has had active ads on different sites at least 30 days before, but preferably around 6 months. In turn be prepared to also be subjected to some “security” questions as well, as the escort will also want to have a feeling of safety. We strongly recommend that you answer the questions respectfully (provided that the questions are respectful and do not imply sensitive information).

In case of an escort agency you should also read about it, about the area, the services and try to find possible reviews. Escort agencies are more frequently reviewed by customers than individual escorts as many establishments use reviews as a means of marketing. The only issue is whether or not the reviews are legitimate.

        Step 2 Properly research the escort’s services

Before you contact an escort by either phone or email for a little spicy evening together you should properly inform yourself of his/her services and if they cover your needs.  Make a short list of the possible services that you are looking for and if he/she mentions them in the description. If you are not familiar with the abbreviations used for the services, for example GFE or PSE, we recommend that you search the terms on the internet to understand what the services imply. 

We strongly recommend to choose only the mentioned services and not to inquire about any additional service unless the description specifies that the escort is open to additional services. Also, do not ask for services that are listed specifically as not offered.

        Step 3 Never discuss hourly rate or services in person

To ensure your safety and that you are not overpriced it is strongly recommended that you negotiate the hourly rate and discuss the possible services when you contact the escort and not at the beginning of the appointment.

Also, when meeting the person it is recommended that you behave as like meeting with a friend and direct the actions gradually and subtly if in a public place. A “classic” move is to kiss her/him on the cheek and ask to become more comfortable.

         Step 4 Respect your appointment or notify otherwise

Be punctual at your escort appointment, unless you have notified of a possible time change/delay in advance (at least a couple of hours). If you are late, you should expect to pay for that time. Say, for example that you were supposed to meet at 8:00 PM in a certain location and you are 15+ minutes late and you appointment was for 1 hour, then expect to pay the full fee and to cut your meeting to only 45 minutes. It is highly advisable to respect the schedule and not to impose yourself over the initial schedule, even if the time spent together was mutually enjoyed.  In case you want to extend your meeting you should ask the escort if that is possible (if he/she has an empty schedule for the evening or the next hour(s)). If the escort agrees you should expect to pay the hourly rate you first negotiated, unless the escort mentions a different hourly rate.