Brisbane Escort Guide

Brisbane Escort Guide

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and the third largest city in Australia after Sydney and Melbourne. It is one of the most visited cities in the Land Down Under and is especially renowned for its beautiful parks and recreation areas among which the most notable is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It is the first created koala sanctuary in the world and particularly interesting as it is located in the metropolis. The Brisbane River offers tourists superb sightseeing points as well as scenic bike paths. Other attractions include the city’s superb architecture with bustling shopping districts, diverse cuisine and overall exotic atmosphere.

Those that visit the city and want to delight themselves with its exotic atmosphere should know that there are only two types of sex work that is considered to be legal in Queensland: private sex work (a private individual that offers his/her services alone and advertises his/her services with high discretion, as public soliciting is considered an offence) and sex work in the premises of a licensed brothel (as massage parlors and co-sharing premises are considered an offence).

                Brisbane Female Escort

Brisbane is a beautiful city that is matched only by its beautiful female escorts.  In Queensland those that want to enjoy the services of a female escort should look for the services of a private escort due to the local legislation mentioned above.

The city is home to many captivating beauties that will enchant you not only with their beauty, but also with their knowledge of the city as much as their work skills. Be it pleasure or business, you will find that mesmerizing gorgeous lady that will be your perfect companion for a couple of hot and spicy hours together.

Regardless of your experience and preferences you will surely find the escort the perfect Brisbane escort for the occasion. In order to fully appreciate the variety of options we strongly recommend that you check out designated listings on specialized sites, as the vast majority of escorts advertise online. We ourselves have an attractive listing of Brisbane escorts that you can enjoy.

                Brisbane Red Light Districts

Brisbane does not have an official Red Light District, especially since street soliciting is considered to be an offence, but it does an unofficial red light area. During the daytime these locations do not present a particular atmosphere, but as night falls they become lively and quite effervescent, but overall still quite safe.

The area that most consider it to be the red light district of the city is Kangaroo Point, where numerous Asian women will offer their services in their private apartments. The Dockside area is also another part of the city considered to be a red light area, with numerous escorts offering varied services. Also, during the past years another area has become more popular for sex workers to offer their services, Caxton Street.


              Brothels and Sex Clubs

Want to enjoy a couple of hours of steamy passion in an arousing ambiance in the arms of a beautiful sex worker, then you can enjoy a visit to one of Brisbane brothels. Each location will welcome you with its roster of beauties that will make your fantasy a reality. You can choose from incall or outcall services, the latter being quite popular in the area, but regardless of the choice you will surely find ultimate pleasure. If you are interested, we have an attractive listing that you can check out.

                Brisbane Transexuals and Shemales

Brisbane Transexuals and Shemales can mostly be found over the internet and the vast majority are individual escorts that are highly discreet. Most of them will offer their services near the red light districts or in popular sex worker areas. The best way to contact them is through the internet in designated listing. If you are interested, please feel free to check out our own listing.

                Male Escorts

Brisbane does not offer a particularly large variety of male escorts and most workers in this segment are semi-professionals. But this does not mean that you will not have a fun night out, but it will be more like a date with a steamy ending and no strings attached, with full coverage on your part. Most professional male escorts that are available in Brisbane are usually on tour, so an appointment is highly recommended. They usually advertise themselves through special directories, such as on our listing, or on their own personal page.